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Carolyn Casper

Carolyn is a Senior at Fordham University majoring in Communications and Culture with a concentration in media studies. After working countless years at her family funeral home in South Boston, which specializes in low cost services for the homeless, she realized that more people would be willing to help those in need if the resources necessary were readily available. Outside of working at her family business, Carolyn’s volunteer work at the North Shore Medical Center birthplace spurred her to take further action to help better the lives of others who are less fortunate.

Why is HomelessHope.net so important to you? Homeless Hope is important to me because it provides an easier way to access homeless shelters, making it plausible for people who have busy schedules to go out and volunteer. With HomelessHope.net directly at a person’s fingertips, it is now possible for more people than every to find homeless resources in MA and CT. My long-term goal is to expand Homeless Hope to NY in order to be able to help the vast homeless population in its major cities.

Lauren LaMonica

Lauren is a Graduate Student at Yale University majoring in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology with a concentration in Neurobiology. Her research has included investigatingrod photoreceptor differentiation in the developing retina, as well as developing a novel cost-effective treatment designed to provide light therapy to diabetic retinopathy patients. Outside of the laboratory, her volunteer work has spurred her to engage with populations in need of medical care and underprivileged/marginalized communities.

At Yale, she is a board member of A Leg Even, an organization that provides academic and professional resources to first generation and low-income college students. As a member of the Yale Hunger and Homelessness Action Project (YHHAP), she delivers bread and baked goods to nearby community shelters in New Haven through Project BRED (Bringing Relief Every Day).

In founding Homeless Hope, Lauren has been able to work with Carolyn to place those who lack access to basic resources in touch with hot meals and a shelter. She is now developing a sector in the resource directory for free medical care, community health centers, and emergency clinics, with the goal of speaking directly to social workers in order to create effective contact and utilization of resources.

Why is HomelessHope.net so important to you? Beginning this project locally has provided the comfort of mind that individuals so close to home, many of whom may be unrecognized on a daily basis, now have a safe haven to access sustenance. Having the ability to work as a team with Carolyn has been one of the most incredible aspects of Homeless Hope’s development, as insight and critiques are both so critical to expansion.

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