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About Our Work

HomelessHope.net is a not-for-profit homeless resource finder designed to aid and support those who lack shelter and food in local communities. Now serving the entire state of Massachusetts, HomelessHope.net is expanding to New Haven and the state of Connecticut, with the goal of serving the state of New York and eventually becoming a national enterprise.

HomelessHope.Net is modeled on the Augustinian values that Austin Preparatory School upholds Veritas, Unitas, and Caritas (Truth, Unity, and Love). St. Augustine, a theologian who renounced worldly pleasures for the welfare of the poor around him, stressed the importance of concern for neighbors. With this spirit of giving in mind, HomelessHope.Net was created to bring relief to those who may become the source of our attention and compassion. We appreciate all of the great work that shelters, food pantries, volunteers and social workers provide throughout the state of Massachusetts.

We hope that homeless communities and social workers will find this a valuable form of support, and we look forward to expanding our resources to include free medical clinics and community health centers, as well as continuing to develop our Homeless Hope Blog to address current events and news. We welcome any suggestions about how to further expand our work and invite you to use the Contact Us entry form.

In order to develop an idea, it requires laying out a stream of thought and implementing a design. Here is where HomelessHope.Net was born:

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